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    Let me jut say, these tragic couple days have been so difficult for so many people. I was completely dumbfounded when I heard about EunB and I honestly couldn’t really believe what I was hearing. I didn’t want to believe that EunB had actually passed away. I really just didn’t want anything that horrible to be true. After hearing of RiSe passing yesterday, I just couldn’t really react. I stayed really quiet about it. But for some reason today it really hit me. I’m so so unable to comprehend the level of grief and sadness that the members and fans of Ladies Code are going through at this time. There’s a little button on my blog, it’s the ask button. If any of my followers and anybody just wants to talk a bit of get something off their chest feel free to say anything I’ll always be here for those who need a shoulder to cry on.

    Stay strong Ladies Code


  2. "yeah that’s right, i’m rise, i’m a bit hotter than the others! im not ordinary, i look fierce so they can’t easily talk to me. my face is sexy and my personality is cool too. don’t talk to me and tease me about my pronunciation!" #riprise

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  3. Rest in Peace Go Eunbi (EunB) and Kwon Risae (Rise). Our deepest condolences to their families. 

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  4. i cry, just for today
    i hope you’re forever happy, good-bye
    it’s okay if you smile sometimes when you think of me
    i’m fine thank you, thank you

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  5. We’ll always remember you, EunB & RiSe ♡

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  6. aegyokinggg:

    RIP Rise keep smiling with EunB up there

  7. Today RiSe went to keep EunB company in heaven. This week two young, talented, beautiful & warm hearted girls were given their wings.You were too young and too kind for such a thing to happen, but you’re both finally safe and in a better place. I hope all your suffering and pain that you held through is gone and you can finally find peace. Make sure you look after each other and don’t get into too much trouble, make sure you check in on your members too alright? let them know you’re okay and at peace. May you both rest in peace. Go Eunbi, November 23, 1992 - September 3, 2014. // Kwon Risae, August 16, 1991 - September 7, 2014.

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    Mona best moments in colorful + bad moments in b&w

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    inspired by (x)

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  10. Kpop x Darkness

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     [ Gosh I hate him so much but he’s so hot!!!!! ]   ⊙︿⊙

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  14. When you don’t want to see that one particular person

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  15. always smiling at her…

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